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Implemented 15 years with large-scale real estate creations including infrastructure of industrial parks for lease, urban areas, houses for sales, social housing, trade center and offices for lease... we aim to reach our clients’s needs by proposing optimal solutions that meet the modernity as well as by...

Our perspectives

All knowledge, experience, technology, and knowhow accumulated over 10 years since 1994 aimed to contribute to the development of society, to the respect for people, to bring hapiness for our team and to protect the Mother nature.

Organization Chart

All consulting and production services related to Architecture - Urban Redevelopment Planning - Water Supply & Sewerage Planning - Environment & Supply Facility -

Corporate profile

Our expert staff who have diverse experience and track records provide services that ensure satisfaction in terms of building safety, comfort, maintenance, cost and environmental considerations. From planning and design to construction supervision to follow-up and maintenance, we always work looking forward...

Fields of Activities

Our target to become an efficient full-service architectural practice

Consulting Services: Architectural Planning - Design

Consulting Services: Architectural Planning - Design

Construction Supervisison - Cost Management

Construction Supervisison - Cost Management

ViCrea Design & Production Center

Architectural - Structural - Environmental - Landscape - Interior - Decoration

Vinconlab Center: Constrcution materials testing laboratory

Vinconlab Center: Constrcution materials testing laboratory


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In the last 10 years we have designed more than 10 million square metters of completed space., by working throughout the country and also Laos, Cambodia.. and designing a broad range of building types for cultural, civic, academic, healthcare, residential and commercial property.

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  • Head office: 4th floor, Viglacera building - No.1 Thang Long Avenue, Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Office: number 57, Vĩnh Phúc street, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

  • Điện thoại: 04.38325561 - 04.38325563

  • lienhe@tuvanviglacera.vn ; info@vigcons.com

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